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2019 Legislative Session

Abortion ban - makes an abortion procedure a felony for a physician unless the abortion is necessary to prevent serious health risks to the mother (HB314 Collins) (Act No. 2019-189)

Rebuild Alabama Plan - levies additional excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel to provide greater resources for state, county, municipal, and Alabama State Port Authority transportation infrastructure funds (HB2 Poole) (Act No. 2019-1)

Permanent Joint Transportation Committee - re-organizes and strengthens the Committee to increase accountability for ALDOT operations. (SB35) (HB1 Poole) (Act No. 2019-2)

Jessi’s Law - parental rights automatically terminated for those convicted of rape/incest (SB34) (HB48 Dismukes) (Act No. 2019-512)

Joel’s Law - expands notification system for escaped convicts (SB92) (Act No. 2019-485)

Voyeurism (Up-skirting) - criminalizes the act of recording images or videos of private body parts of another person without that person’s consent (SB26) (Act No. 2019-481)

Left Lane Driving Bill (Anti-Road Rage Act) - requires motor vehicle operators to drive in the right lane unless passing another vehicle (HB212 Pettus) (Act No. 2019-515)

Provisional teaching certificates - extends the length of time for which an emergency certificate is valid from one year to two years (SB304) (HB506 Estes) (Act No. 2019-364)

Governor’s Mansion Authority - composition of Authority membership; creates an executive committee appointed by the Governor and provides further for expenditures from the Fund (SB317) (Act No. 2019-503)

Mandatory liability insurance - reduces look-back period to two registration periods, eliminates four-month suspension when fines are paid and insurance is in hand, allows voluntary surrender of vehicle registration/license plate (SB157) (HB302 Rowe) (Act. No 2019-446)

Municipal election registration - requires voters to register for municipal elections in the same time frame as registering for county and state elections (HB16) (Act No.2019-358)

Landscape architecture - increases maximum fine from $250 to $2500 for violations against a licensee and increases license application fee (HB241 Lipscomb) (Act No. 2019-186)


2018 Legislative Session

Juvenile sex offenders - notifications provided to schools of low-risk sex offenders expanded (SB26) (Act No. 2018-528)

Drivers licenses - restricted driver’s license based on hardship (SB55) (Act No. 2018-289)

Cost of living for state employees increase (SB185) (Act No. 2018-352)

Licensing of professional engineers and land surveyors (SB316) (Act No. 2018-550)

Court reporters - salaries tied to pay scale of AL personnel Dept, cost-of-living and merit raises (HB106 Lee) (SB186 Chambliss) (Act No. 2018-148)


2017 Legislative Session

Board of Nursing Sunset Law (HB105 Martin) (Act No. 2017-46)

Motor vehicle loan authorization and regulations (HB420 Martin) (Act No. 2017-392)

Federal fund use for farm to school products (HB53 Beech) (Act No. 2017-421)

Restrictions on license issuance to persons under 18 (HB29 Holmes M) (SB23 Chambliss) (Act No. 2017-358)

Dept. of Revenue to pursue options to reduce ID theft (HB87 McMillan) (Act No. 2017-227)

Establishment of the Wholesale to Retail Accountability Program (HB75 Johnson) (SB104 Chambliss) (Act No. 2017-294)


2016 Legislative Session

Aggravated child abuse penalties for a child under age of six (SB23) (Act No. 2016-43)

Exposure of controlled substances to children by the mother (SB372) (Act No. 2016-399)

LEO authorized to issue traffic citations at the scene of a crash for traffic offenses (HB1 Pettus) (Act No. 2016-292)

Road hazard definition - (SB74)  (HB7) (Act No. 2016-101)

Sewage collection regulations regarding plumbing inspections (SB290) (HB285 Weaver) (Act No. 2016-305)


2015 Legislative Session

County commission contracts with municipalities (SB96) (Act No. 2015-53)

Formula alterations for unemployment compensation - (SB46) (HB19 Williams) (Act No. 2015-157)

Qualification revisions for certified public accountants - (SB118) (Act No. 2015-163)

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